Prayers for my husband

Powerful – Positive Prayers For My Husband

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Why should I pray for my husband?

You may be asking, “Why is praying for my husband important? Does the Bible even tell me I have to pray for my husband?”

Well, I can tell you that the Bible has A LOT to say about prayer.

For instance, God promises to answer your prayers (Mark 11:24) and in James 5:16 the Bible says to “pray one for another.” If prayer wasn’t important then why would God promise to answer them?

So the answer to the earlier question is yes! We should be praying for our husbands. It is absolutely our responsibility as wives (or future wives) to pray for our husbands.

What prayers should I pray for my husband?

There are many aspects of your husband’s life that you can focus your prayer time on.

Below, I give you the essential areas you should start focusing your prayers on. Some of these prayers you may not need during the season of life you are in. Go ahead and bookmark this page so that you can easily come back when you need to!

Don’t forget to snag yourself a prayer journal like the one below to keep all of your prayers in order!

Prayers For My Husband

Prayer For My Husband’s Salvation

If your husband is unsaved, prayer is one of your greatest tools to lead him to Christ.

Isaiah 59:1 says, “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:”

“Precious Jesus, I come to you today to lift up my husband before you. I pray that you would send your divine intervention. My husband is lost but I know you are the good shepherd and you will not leave him in the wilderness. Dear Lord, I ask that you stir my husbands heart and point him towards your salvation. Use my love for you as an example to my husband. Lord bless my words and actions so that I do not turn my husband away from your love and grace. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Prayer For My Husband’s Body

“Lord I pray that you would protect my husband from any physical hurts today. I ask that you heal my husband’s body from any sickness or disease. Dear God, I pray that you would strengthen my husband’s body as he goes to work. Give him the energy and stamina to complete his work. In Jesus name I pray, amen.” 

Prayer For My Husband’s Mind

It can be easy to forget that our husband’s mental health needs to be prayed for.

Society seems to think that men have no feelings. Christian society can be the worst culprits of this flawed thinking! Don’t fall into that flawed thinking ladies! While your husband may not outwardly show his feelings, I promise you that at some point he has dealt with anxiety, stress, or even depression.

That’s why it’s so important to pray over your husband’s mind!

“Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you today and ask that you would place a hedge of thorns about my husband’s mind. My God, please protect my husband from impure thoughts. Strengthen his mind against the attacks of the devil. Ease my husband’s worries and fears. I pray dear Lord that you would give my husband a spirit of joy and peace throughout his day. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Prayer For My Husband’s Work

“Dear precious heavenly father, I come to you asking for your favor in my husband’s life. Lord, watch over my husband as he works for his family. Bless his hands and give him a fruitful labor. Lord allow my husband to be an example unto others, and to bless those he works with. In your name, amen.”

15 Prayers for My Husband

Prayer For My Husband’s Future

“Lord, I come to you today asking that you bless my husband’s future. Dear Jesus, I do not know what the future holds, but I know who holds our future. Lord, I ask you to watch over my husband as he plans for our family’s future. Guide him in all of his decisions. Give him the courage to follow your path. Amen.”

Prayer For My Husband’s Relationship With God

“Almighty God, I ask that you strengthen the relationship between my husband and you. Prod his heart to seek your face. Lord I pay that my husband be a diligent servant of you, always placing you first in his life. Build his faith and trust in you. Amen.”

Prayer For My Disobedient Husband

This prayer is not intended for a husband that doesn’t “obey” your every command. Instead this prayer is for a husband that is disobedient to God. Ultimately, having a husband that is running from God’s Will, will only sow discord and strife in your marriage and home.

Stepping out in faith and prayer can lead to divine intervention in your husband’s life. The only one that can turn your husband back to serving Jesus is the Holy Spirit.

“Dear Lord, I approach you today with a heavy heart. I lift my husband before you in prayer. My husband is running from your will. Lord do not lay this to his charge. Grant him mercy in his faults. Lord, turn my husband’s heart away from the world and to your kingdom. Your word says that if I pray and believe that I will receive what I pray for. Jesus, honor your word and hear my prayers. In your name, amen.”

Prayer For My Husband’s Relationship With Others

Many of us remember to pray for our relationship with our husband, but what about the many other relationships our husbands have?

Many of our husbands still have living parents, siblings, in-laws, and their own children. Praying over each of these relationships can bring healing to an estranged relationship, joy and happiness, or peace and understanding.

“Precious savior, I bring my husband’s relationship with his (dad/mom/sibling/son/daughter/etc.) to your throne. Dear Lord I ask you to strengthen his relationships with those he is close too. I ask for joy to be restored to the relationships that are strained. Lord give my husband the strengthen to invest in his relationships with others. May my husband be a shining example of your love, forgiveness, and peace. In Jesus name, amen!”

Prayer For My Husband’s Ministry

“Dear Jesus, I come to you asking that you bless my husband’s ministry. Let him serve you in the ability that you have given him so that you receive the glory. Jesus, have my husband be a good steward of the gifts you have given him. Bless his work as he ministers to those in need. In your name, amen.”

Powerful Prayers for My Husband

Prayer For My Husband’s Friends

“Lord I pray that you would surround my husband with like-minded friends that would lift him up. I pray that his friends would be followers of you and challenge my husband to become a better Christian. Jesus, I pray that you would bless my husband’s friends in their own lives.” Proverbs 13:20

Prayers For My Husband And His Protection

“Dear God, I ask for your protection over my husband today. I pray that you protect both his physical body and his mind. As Satan attacks my husband today, I pray that you would stand in the gap and be the shield for my husband. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Prayer For Hy Husband When He Is Sick

“Dear Lord, I humbly ask you to extend your healing to my husband. You are the Great Physician and can take this sickness from my husband. I ask that you restore my husband’s health if it be your will. Thank you lord, Amen.”

Prayer For Unity With My Husband

Do you ever feel like you and your husband aren’t quite seeing eye to eye? Take courage and know that God wants you and your husband to live in unity! In Psalm 133:1 the Bible says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

You can restore unity to your marriage. The first step is to pray.

“Lord, grant my husband and I unity in our marriage. It is your will that we no longer are two flesh, but one. Give us the strength to take a united front as we face the world. Grant us clarity as we raise our children. Give us one mind and one spirit as we make decisions throughout our day. In your name, amen.”

Prayer For My Husband To Lead

“Precious Jesus, I pray for my husband to have the courage to lead our family in your ways. Grant him the clarity to avoid the ways of the world. Give him strength and wisdom as he makes decisions for our family. Give him grace when he makes mistakes. Thank you Lord, Amen.” 

Prayer For My Future Husband

Even if you aren’t married yet, you can still pray for your future husband.

One big area to focus your prayer on is to pray for you future husband to remain pure and close to God.

If a man has a close relationship with Jesus, you can bet he will have a close and caring relationship with you.

The Bible also gives us guidance on why purity is so important. Hebrews 13: 4 says, “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”

“Dear Lord, today I pray for my future husband. Keep my future husband pure in both body and mind. Jesus, I ask you to draw him close to your side and shower him with your blessings. Give him wisdom throughout his day. In Jesus name, amen.”

Praying for my husband

Prayers for My Husband- Start Today

It’s never too late to start praying for your husband. Choose one or two of these prayers to get you started.

Leading a prayer life can be difficult (I know it is for me!) but everyone has to start somewhere. I hope that these simple prayers for your husband will help you on your journey to a rich prayer life.

If you need help learning how to teach your child to pray you can head over here for easy tips you can use today.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. As a stay at home mom I feel like the work my husband does can get overlooked this is a great reminder to appreciate all that he gives to his family.

  2. Prayer is so important, and it helps us in many aspects of our lives. And there are so many reasons why we need to pray for our husbands, not only for his career but for everything that he needs to do.

  3. Katie, prayers are so important and the more we can incorporate it into our daily lives the better we will live in harmony and love. And yes, praying for husband is important yet something we often forget or overthink.

  4. I am not generally a religious/spiritual person, but this was a lovely read. Thanks for sharing this.

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