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Spring Cleaning for the Busy Mom

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For me, the perfect month to start clearing out my household clutter is April. The first instances of Spring can be felt. It is the best time to get a quick start to my spring cleaning. Make sure to read through to the end and download my FREE 30-day Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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Short Time for Spring Cleaning

As a mom to two rambunctious little ones under 5, I am short on time when it comes to deep cleaning! Keeping up with the daily household tasks take up much of my time. On top of those, I also homeschool our oldest. You could say I am short on time!

I understand the need to declutter, deep clean, and refresh for the coming springtime! As a busy mom Spring cleaning is something I want to do, but it can give me a lot of stress.

Why Should a Busy Mom Spring Clean?

Okay, hear me out. I know I just said that Spring cleaning can make my stress level rise. BUT, I also know that if I can clear out the unnecessary junk cluttering up my home, then my daily household chores will be much easier to complete.

Think about it. How much faster would it be to clean up one box of toys versus several boxes of toys? That is why decluttering, even as a busy mom, will save you time in the end.

Why I Don’t Spring Clean

Remember how I said that spring cleaning can give make me feel super stressed out? This is one of the reasons I personally struggle with spring cleaning.

You can probably relate to me when it comes to keeping up with the daily household chores, homeschooling little ones, and cooking three filling meals a day. Adding on extra duties to your check list may seem like a stretch. BUT, I have figured out how to make spring cleaning fit in to your daily life!

Break it Down

Breaking down your spring cleaning tasks will make it much easier to knock them off your to-do list! When you look at the big picture of spring cleaning it feels overwhelming. But when you break down the big picture into tiny tasks, you can complete one each day and you will barely notice the added work!

Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Busy Mom

Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Busy Mom

Not only does a checklist help me, I know it will help you too. It is so satisfying to check off each task and look back at all of the hard work you have completed.

Download Your FREE Spring Cleaning Checklist

I have a fully filled out 30-day spring cleaning for busy moms checklist that you can print for FREE! Download HERE!

If you would rather fill in your own spring cleaning tasks I have also created a free fill-in-the-blank 30-day spring cleaning checklist for you. Download the blank checklist HERE!

With Love

Busy mom’s, I want to leave you with the verse found in Colossians 3:23. It says, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”

Remember mom’s, while we are serving our family here on Earth, our actions are supposed to be done for the glory of God.

With cheerful attitudes and a loving spirit, we can glorify God in all that we do!

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